Merchant Account Cycle

About CardPlus Processing

We have innovated payment processing to focus on the needs of local retailers without sacrificing security or speed. In distinguishing ourselves from the competition, locally-based retailers need to offer the same ease of payment and high level of security as any other merchant. Processing payments with CardPlus Processing couldn't be easier and helps secure your funding while saving you money. Our terminals are flexible for future enhancements and integrate transaction data directly into back-office tools.

CardPlus Processing has revolutionized the pricing of electronic payments for merchants. We provides many merchants with a simple, single interchange fee structure, eliminating the layers of fees, ambiguity of statements and internal cost and time merchants dedicate to managing their interchange fees. According to the SBA of America, credit card fees are one of the three largest expense items on a merchants income statement and the least controlled. BSR operates with virtually every POS (point of sale) system in the United States, making conversions quick and easy.

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